Here are some ways you might like to get involved this autumn…

Your Christmas Journey

This year the Church of England are sending out 13 short reflections during the seasons of Advent & Christmas. These reflections will help you to make space to explore the theme of ‘God With Us’. To sign up, text GODWITHUS to 88802 or visit or you can buy a booklet from

Christian Meditation

“Be still and know that I am God”. Christmas can be a busy season for many people, and some of us find ourselves longing for some peace and quiet.

This Advent we’re offering you the opportunity to try Christian Meditation. There will be an introduction to each session,  around 10-20 minutes spent in silence, then you may choose to leave quietly, or stay for tea & coffee and a chance to ask questions and discuss the experience.

Sessions will take place in the Parish Room at the Good Shepherd, which is accessed via the wheelchair ramp. Sessions will be on: Saturday 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd December from 9.30 – 10.30am

All are welcome, but sessions aren’t suitable for children!

For more info contact or see

Advent Soup Group!

Back in Lent we ran a ‘Lent Soup Group’, and we’re planning to do the same again this autumn. The idea is to have a simple meal of soup, bread and cheese, followed by a discussion on one of the themes of Advent, finishing with a short service of Night Prayer.

Discussions will be an opportunity to share our thoughts and questions on the themes of death, judgement, heaven & hell! (Advent’s not a very cheery season…!)

Sessions will be from 6 – 7.30pm at St. Peter’s on Sunday 26th November, Sunday 3rd December & Sunday 10th December.  There is no charge but you’re invited to make a donation to the cost of the meal.

CHRISTMAS CHOIR – Try something new!

Do you enjoy singing Christmas carols? If so, why not think about joining our Christmas Choir? You’ll have the opportunity to sing at our Traditional Carol  Service at 6pm on 17th December, and the Lighting the Lamps Service at 6pm on Christmas Eve. If you’d like to get involved the rehearsals are:

Monday 4th December 8 – 9pm               

Thursday 7th December 8 – 9pm                                                                         

Monday 11th December 8 – 9pm                                                                      

Thursday 14th December 8 – 9pm

Monday 18th December 8 – 9pm

Thursday 21st December 8 – 9pm

You’ll need to attend at least three rehearsals. Rehearsals take place in the choir vestry, accessed from the door on the Wantage Rd side of church. All are welcome! No experience necessary! If you’d like to get involved please email