Life Events

Throughout our lives there are many occasions that we might want to mark by having a special event, or by asking for God’s blessing and help. In church we call these ‘life events’ – and they refer to occasions like getting married, having a wedding blessing, marking the birth of a child, celebrating a significant anniversary or birthday, taking the next step in your journey of faith, and helping people to mark the end of a life through a funeral service or memorial.

If you’re part of our congregation, if you live in our parish or have a connection to our churches, then we’re here to help you mark your life event. Do get in touch, and we’d love to discuss the different options that are available. If you’re not sure which parish you live in, please check the Parish Finder.


Baptism (or ‘Christening’ – same thing, different word!) is the first step that many people take in their journey of faith. When we’re baptised we’re welcomed into the family of the church, and we celebrate the gift of new life. If you’re interested in having your child baptised, or being baptised yourself, please get in touch, and we’ll arrange a time to come and visit you to get to know you better and to talk it all through. You’ll also be invited to take part in a very short course of baptism preparation. You can find out more at:

We also offer a special ‘service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child’. This is a great opportunity to give thanks, and to pray publicly for the child and their family. This service is suitable for those who would prefer not to make the promises of baptism, or for those who want their children to make their own choices in later life.

Baptisms and thanksgivings take place as part of our Sunday morning services. Here is an example of a child’s baptism.


A church is so much more than simply a venue for your wedding. A church wedding img_3644is personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful. If you’d like to find out more about getting married in our church, please get in touch, and we’ll arrange a time to meet with you. The vicar will get to know you, talk you through the legalities and practicalities, and help you create a wedding that’s unique and memorable, and reflects your story.

We also offer evenings and short courses of marriage preparation that give couples a chance for a ‘relationship MOT’ before they tie the knot.

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Prayers of Blessing for Same-Sex Couples

In November 2023 the Church of England’s General Synod granted permission for churches to use prayers of thanksgiving, dedication and blessing for same sex couples. In January 2024 our Clergy and PCC unanimously agreed that we are happy to use these ‘Prayers of Love and Faith’ in our parish, for any couples that would like to have their relationship recognised in this way. At the moment, the prayers can only be used as part of existing services e.g. on Sunday mornings, not in stand alone services. We hope that this is a small step towards affirming all members of our church and community.


As a parish church we’re here to look after the people in our local area – whether or not they come to church. If you feel that a Christian funeral is right for you or your loved one, then we would be glad to host it, or take the service elsewhere. Ask your Funeral Director to contact us, or get in touch if you have any questions.

We recognise that people need a lot of care and support when they lose a loved one. If you’d like to talk to someone, or have an opportunity to sit quietly in church, please do ask. We also run a Bereavement Course on a regular basis.

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